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I have owned the Ranger for 2 years now. I have done absolutely no maintenance to it in that time and it finally caught up to me.

Last week it failed inspection due to the upper and lower ball joints being shot. While in the shop getting those replaced the water pump failed.

Today, I get it back, drive around for an hour and the alternator is dead.

I bought it for $1200, put 30,000 miles on it and now I’m going to be spending over twice that to get it back. Yes I could have bought another car for that much, but I’m happy with the truck. Any car I buy for $2500 is going to need some work eventually and I’d rather put the money into something I already have and like.


And with all these parts replaced it should last me quite a while longer, at least for the year left I have in college. And when you look at how much Rangers sell for normally my initial cost plus recent repairs equal $3700, which is about the cost for a well sorted out one.

Also I’m building a solar car. You’ll hear more about it and the race this summer soon.

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