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Recession Jalopnik

I must be a masochist because I read every article pertaining to FP’s rather absolutist and sour theme day.

The same entity that reviews — and often re-reviews — 6-figure vehicles that 97% of their readers cannot afford, and 2.9% choose not to buy, begins to bring up the “good old days,” which if I recall are “days” they have scoffed at consistently, with basic interiors, ancient motors, and lowly 5-speed automatics.


Other implications included:

- a recession is definitely coming and the sky is falling

- auto loans are stupid, but no offense to coworker Tom McParland

- why buy anything ever, it’s just going to lose value

- people are gonna be sorry when gas prices go up! Wait, a CX-5 gets 31 mpgs on the highway? Well that doesn’t support my argument. Oh wait, it would take over a decade for a financed CPO Prius V to pay for itself in gas savings if I get rid of my reliable and paid for Chevy even if gas was $5 a gallon? Well... Well... !!!


- compact cars are gonna make a comeback!!! You’ll see!

This doesn’t even cover the elephant in the room of these fine folks self-identifying as economic experts. That said, there is plenty of reason to be cynical about the future. But there are certainly degrees of cynicism that were probably a bit more reasonable. But I have to give them credit: I did click all the things. It sparked good discussions. Why don’t they post more editorials, instead of car crash videos and whether Elon Musk is high or not?

And of course, this campaign lasted for all of one day. Today we’re back to multiple Tesla stories (tow video was 100% bait, both in gif and lede), a Supra story ($70k is affordable, right?), and a used Aston Martin.

Pickup at a jobsite from today for your time.

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