Have a VW Type 3 Fastback for your trouble, as seen on my lunch break today.

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One of my co-workers just blew up the motor (2.0L Zetec) in his 2002 Ford Focus. I had assumed that he broke his timing belt, but his mechanic just called and told him that he couldn't turn the crank and that the engine is either seized or has catastrophic bearing damage.

My co-worker is absolutely terrible about taking care of his car despite me and several other co-workers ragging on him about it. So the long and short of it is that he needs a car to get to work, he probably won't take care of it, and I live the closest to him so I'm the logical carpool provider until he gets a replacement.


I have other co-workers who don't take good care of their cars, but one drives a Nissan Hardbody with the 2.4L that doesn't seem to give a damn whether it's taken care of or not, and another drives a Toyota RAV4 that hasn't had any issues yet.

I was thinking of recommending a Geo Prizm or a Mazda Protege, but perhaps something like an old Nissan Pathfinder would be good? Maybe even a GM W-body?


Going on the assumption that he won't take any better care of his next car than he did this one, what would Oppo recommend?

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