Recommendations for a good OBD-II code reader

So similar to my other post about a torque wrench,

Which if you're curious, I went with the CDI 20-150 one recommended by @You can tell a Finn but you can't tell him much, I'm still waiting for it to arrive I'll update that post with my impressions of it once it does.

Anyway, now I'm looking for a good ODB-II code reader. I've been looking at these forever trying to figure out what ones are good and which ones aren't, but the whole deal is totally obfuscated by people's inability to follow directions and use technology. The one below has totally mixed reviews, but is so cheap I nearly pulled the trigger and bought it on several occasions, it represents the style I want, cheap and can attach to my laptop or smart phone ( I have an Iphone 5s as well as an old android 2.1 tablet if that works better…) especially since they're cheaper in general, but like I said above every model I see seems to have some people saying it's a virus and it doesn't work right, so I don't know what to buy.


So, does anyone here know a good one?

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