So I’ve recently acquired a record player (a Montgomery Ward Airline), despite having never owned a record player before. I figured out how to turn it on (two power switches), discovered the correct settings (12 size, 33 speed), but the tone arm is where I’m having trouble.

When I turn the player on, and move the arm over to read the record, the arm automatically lifts up, and goes back into the rest position, as it’s shown in the pics. It does this every time, no matter where I place the arm, and I don’t want to force it either; this thing is old and I don’t want to break it.

Does oppo have any suggestions I can try? Or has anyone dealt with this model in particular, and knows what to do? Thanks in advance. 8 track works though.

Said record player.
A closeup of the arm.
A view of the full player.


Pic of the cabinet.