Based on manufacturer’s markings on the wing section, investigators have determined that the wing section that washed up on a beach in Tanzania is, in fact, a part from Malaysian Flight MH320 that disappeared over the southern Indian Ocean in March 2014.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which is investigating the disappearance, said in their report:

At the time of writing, the flap section was being examined for any evidence of interaction with mechanisms, supports and surrounding components (such as the flaperon, which abuts the inboard end of the outboard flap) that may indicate the state of flap operation at the time of separation from the wing.

While the piece won’t give us any definitive answers surrounding what brought the plane down, the position of control surfaces might indicate if the plane was brought down under control or if it crashed from altitude, specifically if the flaps were extended at the time of the crash, which could suggest a controlled ditching at sea.