Red Bull Crashed Ice!

Anyone else seen this and think it looks amazing?!
It's not motorized I know, but sometimes gravity and muscles can make up for the lack of a powerplant, and a Big icy skate cross track!

So the point!
I used to longboard (skateboard) a lot, used to skate a lot of park to mostly bowls and vert, I sucked, But loved skating the transition and the flow you could achieve in a bowl, when I was younger I also played quite a bit of hockey and always loved the idea of skating really fast and wished for some kind of hockey rink obstacle course. So when I first saw this crashed ice thing a few years ago it made my mouth water, I wanted to run that course so bad!


But to put it briefly life got in the way. But not this time! I just got a phone call confirming that I'm registered for the Qualifier next Friday in Toronto. And the top people from there go on to the Canadian race in Quebec in March.
Iv only been back on hockey skates for a few hours since last lacing up 5 or 6 years ago, but I still have the ability to skate fast it's just how long can I do it for, I have a week to train, So I'm going to give it hell and hope for the best, If I don't come off the ice about to puke I won't have skated to my maximum and that's what I plan on doing.

Right now I am both scared and excited!

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