Well, it’s the move we’ve been waiting with baited breath for. It’s not official yet, but signs are looking promising that Red Bull is indeed set to make the switch to Honda next year after more than a decade with Renault and 4 World Championships in a row.

I can understand why. Renault has struggled to keep pace with Mercedes and Ferrari since the switch to the turbo V6 hybrids a few years ago. The only reason Red Bull gets as far up the running order as they do is because of the superb chassis and aerodynamic work that is still largely led by aerodynamic wizard Adrian Newey.

Honda has had an even more miserable start to the era, and started a year later than everyone else. But, they appear to be making good progress and Red Bull seems to be hedging its bets that Honda will eventually surpass Renault. Time will tell if that was a wise move or not. Certainly the switch to Renault has at least helped McLaren’s reliability, but the speed still isn’t there.


Link to Autosport article

On a side note, now that Alonso’s won Le Mans, I suspect chances are greatly increasing we may see him go to IndyCar full time to chase after that Indy 500 win and maybe even a title. Would be exactly the shot in the arm IndyCar needs. They’ve been heading in a positive direction for some time now too.

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