I had about half an hour to kill when I got home but before I needed to pick up my son, and it occurred to me that that’s enough time to bleed my clutch since I replaced the master cylinder the other day.

End result, I’ve got a nice firm pedal and a second driveable Miata.

It’s rusty, top end makes a little noise, none of the tires match, and it has 226k...but it’s a runner and I’m into it for $300-350 right now, so I’ve got no complaints. I still haven’t decided what to do with it, actually.

I could put it on Craigslist, ask $1000 (a bit cheeky, as Mike Brewer would say) and see what happens. Or I could start selling everything in it that isn’t a race car, which is my preferred plan. Either way I have to take a good look at the rust before I get too far into it...I don’t think it’s terminal, the underside is very good but the driver’s rocker is junk.

It runs and drives though!