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Red Miata no longer being sold...

Remember when I said I was THIS close to buying a Miata? That it was just a smog check away from being mine? Well it turns out the smog check passsed BUT the seller has decided to no longer sell the car. His daughter’s car had just broken and he was now going to give the Miata to her instead. So now it is back to the drawing board to find another Miata for me. I just cant get any luck with this Miata buying process!


Some options I am eyeing right now include:

2004 in Silver with 162k on it listed for $4900. Looks pretty clean although I dont like that color. Communicating with the seller to figure out a time to check it out since it could be a good option:


2005 in Red with 157k on it listed for $4400. Also looks clean and in a better color. Unsure about this auction company selling it but I have sent a request for information to find out if there’s any maintenance history. Seems like a pretty good deal though if it is a clean title:


2002 in Yellow with 123k on it listed for $6800. I had contacted this one in January but was away on a ski trip and hadnt gotten back to it. Still listed though so I figured it might still be for sale. Too much money for any Miata but I might as well ask, id pay a little bit more for a yellow one and if its in mint condition:


And I will keep hunting. I have the money on hand now so that is both a bad thing and a good thing. Bad thing in that I am impatient to not be collecting interest on the money. And good thing in that I won’t miss out on opportunities that come up. 

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