Sitting at a light on my way to work and F350 pulls up next to me, I am looking at this truck as it has an obvious lift, but tires that are smaller than stock...

Guy rolls down the window, and with the most serious face and tone imaginable, he asks "Hey, Do they sell those things with doors?"

I was ever so confused. Has this man never seen a Jeep with doors? or maybe a Jeep without? Was this man the worlds best poker face maker? Why does he have such tiny tiny tires? Did I remember to put pants on today?

I just laughed and hoped the light would turn green soon, but I wonder, is this man still out there wondering if Jeeps do, in fact, come with doors.


Whats the funniest question you've been asked at a red light???

(Pictured above not my Jeep but you get the idea)