Redneck Audio Engineering

I’m working on a YouTube project to record and show off some of the great drives we have in my area, but I’ve been having trouble getting audio that I like. The road and wind noise have been winning the battle against that sweet exhaust note.

Until now that is.


My research has lead me to the Google, which lead me to a bunch of people saying “put your phone in the engine bay.” I was dubious until now. All I can think about is that lovely turbo spool, the serenade of induction and the light touch of exhaust rumble.

I still plan on making a set of magnetic contact mics for the mufflers so I can blend in that throaty roar, but this will get my through my first charity cruise this weekend.

This is an old phone with a busted screen. NBD to strap it in weird places. Put a GoPro mount on it and modded some arms to make it more versatile.

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