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Redneck Binky

Now in monochrome

Wife banged up Mini Cooper. Fixing it was going to take longer than she was willing to wait so she went and got herself a new car. Must be nice being that loaded... but I get crumbs too: now I have a Mini Cooper S that I can do something with.


1) Donate it
2) fix it and hoon it
3) stuff a celeeeka engine in it redneck style - completely opposite of what Bad Obsession guys are doing. No milling, no drilling. Just bang. Stick it. Drive it... ignore check engine lights and steam billowing from under the hood.

4) Fix it and sell it.

What you think?

P.S. Damage done to hood, radiator is leaking. Radiator support is shattered. Bumper is scraped up. I dont know if radiator fan or condenser are busted.


I can get cooling stuff on amazon for about 500 bucks - radiator, radiator support and condenser. Hood is another 500... so I think im gonna hammer it out the best I can.

I was seeing same make and model cars on craigslist for $500 with overheated engines. Reached out to a couple. No response. Probably a scam of some sort. Can’t figure it out.


Car is 2005 with about 50,000 miles on it. It would be a crime to send it to a crusher. 

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