Good Morning, Oppo.

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So as y’all may know, my wife has undergone bariatric surgery to combat her uncontrolled weight gain. She had a medication a while back that caused serious appetite and blood sugar issues, and gained over 100 lbs in a year. Now that same medication has a black-box warning on it about the weight gain.

Anyway, she’s lost 20 lbs in the past six weeks - that’s pretty typical for the sleeve gastrectomy - and her restricted diet has helped me, too.


Because I am only cooking for myself, I have to pay better attention to what I make because I hate wasting food. Also, because she has to endure protein shakes for breakfast I’ve been making them for myself. Plain Kefir mixed with chocolate protein powder goes down rough at 7 am, lemme tell ya.

Anyway, my last visit to my doctor had me weighed in at 336 lbs. This was may 11. My BMI was 42, and I wasn’t feeling so great.


This morning, I weighed myself before eating and the scale said:


My BMI is under 40 in only six weeks.

I feel better, even though I’m sleeping a little less. I’m also eating more volume but apparently less calories. I used to go through two loaves of Arnold Health Nut bread a week. Now a loaf takes over a week.


I think I’m going to hit 40 (August 2018) at under 240. That’s my goal, anway.

Thanks for reading.

Now to have some yogurt.

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