Dumb me didn’t read the schedule online and confidently waltzed into the closed shop. thought that things were like in Mexico, where people are psychotically workaholic and would open the DMV every day even during bank holidays.

But I was very wrong.

Apparently, today its “National Galicia Day” or as people know it here “El Santiago” and it basically means I stupidly spent 40 minutes of my morning going to an inspection office that was bound to be closed. I read the schedule posted on the entrance to the office, it said that any festivity means they close.


If you ever come here, be warned that during the summer months people just don’t work. There’s a festivity every odd weekday, everyone is drunk all the time, and no one wakes up before 11AM. Well, the baker wakes up at 5AM, but that’s about it.

At least I got to see some fantastic wind mill parts, the one behind my car and the truck is 4m in diameter. I also got to see a firefighting jeep, but I didn’t take pictures because I’m an idiot.

Another shot of the 480s

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