Refinishing some wheels...

I'm using Klean Strip Aircraft Remover Aerosol in an attempt to strip the finish. I will be painting these wheels "Obligatory Black".

As expected, the inner portion and portion hidden by the tire has a machine finish. The outer lip also as it folds over and dips inward. The center of the wheel where the lug holes are a machined surface too. The stripper is removing most of this without too much effort, however the spokes have some sort of smooth filler/primer underneath a coat of regular primer. I found through some careful investigation that that area of the wheel, without any primer or paint, actually has a cast finish The stripper is finding this filler/primer one tough nut to crack.


Media blasting in not an option. Can someone here point me to a more potent stripper that would take off this filler/primer, without harming the alloy?

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