I’m currently in Switzerland resting after a surgery on my shoulder, this has given me lots of time to reflect on the effects of my leadership, not just on FCA and Ferrari but my Directorship at Philip Morris International as well.



My legacy at Ferarri of turning into a “lifestyle brand” rather than a car company will hopefully be remembered for a long time. I felt that it was very important to give the nouveau riche of China and India gaudy products at high prices that were made in the factories in their own countries for cents on the dollar. Cars are really second priority at this point.

My legacy at FCA? I’ve been very frugal at FCA which has allowed us to keep our operating costs down.Since becoming CEO of FCA US LLC in 2009, I’ve only developed 3-4 new models. In the proud tradition of the Italian people, the Germans paid for most of our R&D costs on our existing models and we use those platforms to this day.

In addition to cost savings, I’ve developed the brand into “America’s Performance Company” and I (a Italo-Canadian) have been helping make America Great Again.

I’m taking steps to ensure that nobody from inside FCA can replace me and that whoever does replace me, they won’t be a goddamn woman.




I love to smoke, it’s how I stay so youthful and fit. I’ve run PMI since 2008 as Director of the board. Ensuring that our youth, people in third world countries and emerging markets can experience the sophistication, charm and European lifestyle of lighting up PMI product, preferably while driving an FCA product. My proudest achievement are the steps we’ve taken towards a smoke free future. Hopefully one day, nobody in the world will smoke PMI products, instead injecting the nicotine straight into your body.


In short, I’ve taken Ferarri from focusing on cars to merchandise, FCA makes less models than ever and PMI is moving towards phasing out their only product.


And that, is why I am a successful businessman. I think outside the box.