I more excited about my new GTI than any new car I have bought since my RX-8 back in 2005. I have never owned a German car, I have never owned a turbo, and I haven’t had a hatchback since I sold my 87 Integra back in 98 or 99.

I have always loved Japanese cars, since my first Celica at 16 years old. My cars since then go: Toyota, Olds (vomit), Acura, Acura, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Infiniti, Infiniti, VW. My projects? Toyota, Toyota, Ford. In our 20 years together, I have bought Mrs. IM (who rules for supporting this purchase) a Lexus, a Toyota, and an Infiniti. I bought my son a Subaru, the VW of Japan.

Can I be in your club, German car guys? Will you teach me the ropes? To be honest, I think I am not really cool enough to hang with you Bimmer dudes, and I don’t really get the parking thing. But you guys aren’t the tire burning asshats that wrecked cars & coffee, so we can hang. That was the Porsche guys, and I KNOW I am not cool enough for those bros.

But you Volkswagen peeps always seemed fun. Weird, and a little confusing, but fun. Every Jetta I saw in the 90s was a rolling turd, and the Bug was never my bag, so I kept my distance. But I saw a few goofy dads there in the back behind the young guys who were saying something I didn’t understand about performance mods. I feel like there might be a place for me in that corner of car culture.


Now let’s take a moment to pause and examine Pumpkin’s reaction to Toby’s appearance and morning hello.

Yeah, he is going to need to work on that. Pumpkin does not approve of his kisses.


Japanese car people, can I still be one of you? You know I still love you. I still have 4 Japanese cars, the majority of my fleet. 2 Toyotas, a Subie, and an Infiniti reflects broad support for Japan’s Auto industry. But I can branch out a little, no? I mean, lookit how fun this is. Germany is not humorless, gray efficiency-land. Ok, it’s gray. But it’s fun!

After all, WWII would have been an entirely different experience if the Axis had been VW-Toyota-Vespa instead of those other guys. Those guys were no fun at all.