Although the part that they leave out is that they are denying farms more water than is necessary to keep the delta from becoming brackish. One of the reasons that SF demands that there be higher outflows of fresh water is that they need it to wash their poop out into the Bay. There is horrible sewage pollution in the Bay from the city, and large freshwater outflows dilute the pollution. So they take water (that farmers already paid for, by the way) to flush that literal crap out to the Bay, and to keep bad test results down.  But it is refreshing to see a publication like Mother Jones wanting to have a real discussion of how to manage our resources.

So if we are going to have a discussion about pumping water to grow food, then we should probably have a discussion about using that same water to wash away the filth generated by millions of people living in a very small footprint. Big cities are the least green places on earth, San Francisco, even yours. Oh yeah, and you are happy to oppose new dam construction that might capture and store fresh water in our “new normal” of scarcity, as long as no one touches Hetch Hetchy.

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