Been a while since I talked about the Regal on here. The car went down for a while this summer and didn’t come back until October when I charged the battery on a trickle charger for a couple days. After that it ran for a couple weeks and went down again. Turned out the fuel pump finally decided it was completely dead.

I get it back from the mechanic almost a month later and had noticed the serpentine belt was getting pretty rough before going to the mechanic and hadn’t gotten any better so I got a new belt. I go to put the new belt on and find out the tensioner was trashed and just jerry rigged to stay on there. So I replace the tensioner, which was a much bigger job than I expected on the 3800, and find out the ac compressor was pretty rough and plan to replace that with a delete kit when I have time.

Turns out life had other plans. The compressor completely seized up and the car wouldn’t start. So I went and bought the delete kit and checked to see if there was any pressure in the system and I lucked out and there was nothing in there. I remove the compressor and put the new pulley in and the car will start and now the belt is making the occasional chatter. I’m hoping to let sleeping dogs lie and hopefully get by without a repair for a few weeks.