I test drove a Regal TourX today. Follow the saga leading up to this here:

I drove a 2019 “Preferred” trim...which must mean “base as can be.” This thing had cloth seats, no blind spot monitors, no heated seats, no XM radio, and no power liftgate. No sunroof, which isn’t a deal breaker to me, but my 6 has one and I like it.


Also, this car has been sitting. A lot. Upon trying to start it and test drive it, I was greeted with a flurry of clicking sounds and about 10-12 “service” messages on the information screen. A.K.A. Dead battery. Once the dealer got it started, with a jump,I took off in the pouring Kentucky rain with my friend/mechanic.

The tires were flat spotted from sitting. So, the ride was quite choppy. They were starting to smooth out by the end of our test drive, though.

Overall, I liked the drive. Quick enough, solid feeling, responsive. It didn’t feel “luxurious” but didn’t feel “cheap”, either. It felt about the same as my 6, which is the problem with the TourX. My 6’s MSRP was $27,000 and this thing’s MSRP is $30-something-thousand. With discounts, it’s at $27,000, but still.

Overall, my interest is still piqued. I want to drive one that hasn’t been sitting the better part of two years, though. And one that actually has some options.


Oh, and the lack of a spare tire is silly. It has an inflator and a little jar of tire goo.

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