Regarding the neighborhood brap machine

A neighbor in my court drives a Fiat 500 Abarth. It braps when it starts, braps while it warms up, braps when it goes up the hill onto the main road, and braps as it pulls into the court. It’s a wonderful sound and, importantly, very characteristic and identifiable, such that I can hear it from my house and say “there goes the Abarth.” There used to be an STI and a Charger with similarly characteristic sound profiles that I could tell apart by their exhaust note alone, but their owners moved out, leaving the mufflerless Italian midget as the sole fule-to-noise converter.

This reminds me of the time when I was barely a kindergartener. Our next-door neighbor owned a drag car that he raced regularly, a stripped-out second-gen Camaro, that he worked on at home. That thing was abusively loud.


Does any of you have a neighbor whose car you can recognize by sound? I know this is not a unique phenomenon, but I'm curious which cars others can distinguish by ear alone.

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