As most here know, one of us moderators stepped on their proverbial crank the other day in a misguided attempt to have some fun with the Oppo tag. I’m sure it was an attempt to both celebrate the wonderful-but-no-shit decision SCOTUS made while poking fun at a couple members of this community. To be clear, it was uncalled for. To be clear, it ruffled our feathers just as it ruffled yours. To Denver and Logansteno, you each have our collective apologies and the entire Oppo community has our promise that we will not cross such a line again in the future.

Comedy and humor are weird things. To be really funny, comedians have to ride that razor’s edge. Do it right and you’re brilliant. But it’s also very, very easy to take it too far - to be too edgy or even slip into the outright mean. Unfortunately, in this case the latter happened. While I genuinely do not know which of us did this, I do know my fellow moderators well enough to know in my heart they did not intend to hurt any feelings. I’m sure that whoever did this, wishes very much they could live that particular day over again. But, it can’t be undone. If anyone needs to “vent” at us, you are free to do so in the thread below. What can’t happen is for any member of this community to continue to pick this scab down the road, particularly those who had nothing to do with the incident. We fucked up; I’m owning it on behalf of all of us right now. Now, as arguably the most senior member of this community, I am asking that we all just move on.

I am very proud of this community for multiple reasons. The latest of which was the reaction to our Logo’s current “livery.” What I saw was positive what I didn’t see was the kind of bullshit reaction a few of my (now former) Facebook friends made when SCOTUS made their decision. I know we have a number of LGBT members here and I hope they felt the same pride and that any doubt of their sense of welcome melted away. We are, for the most part, a singularity on the Internet. A clean well-lighted place for gearheads to hang out and talk about cars or whatever. This place remains my favorite URL of all and I want very badly to keep it that way. I want very badly for all of you to feel the same way I do about the place.

What say you? Shall we move on now?