Give it a try..

I've been one of the more vocal people here whenever Gawker made changes to Kinja, this time I won't be.

You might ask why, and I shall answer as best as I can.

1. This new version actually makes the comments better. Why? Well, the "best" ones will be the ones you see first, and I'm sorry to say this Oppo but we've had some trolls lately, trolls won't show up unless you click "all replies". That is a GOOD thing, and frankly if you can't be bothered to simply click on "all replies" I can't and won't feel sorry for you.

2. People are complaining about stuff not working on mobile.. That makes me wonder if some of you see a VERY different Kinja... Whenever I use Oppo on a mobile platform I see all the things, all the time.. Sure, I use Chrome and not Safari.. but still.

3. Sure, there are bugs, stuff that don't work.. Here's a hot tip; Tell that to our Tech crew (Steve, Ernie, Greg and so on) tag your post Kinja Help, send them an email, follow and respond to @Kinjastatus and or @Kinjahelp, if you act like a normal person you'll get answers AND help from them. Worst case scenario, send matt a tweet.

4. Jalopnik and Oppo end up as guineapigs.. we know that... do you guys know WHY?? It's because we're a bunch of nice people, we give proper feedback, act as adults. I'm sorry to say that this time we have not (myself included).


Feel free to tell me that I'm a friggin' idiot, I won't argue with you, but don't call Tiger a failure until you've tried it for some time (I've been using it a few weeks now, and I like it).