So I am planning a move to California and will be bringing my Miata with me of course. However, I am really confused how I actually get my car registered there. Since my car is not “50 state legal” and is instead only “49 state legal” I am worried I will be SOL if I dont change parts on it. From what I have read, if the car was 100% stock to 49 state rules, it would be okay. But since I have an aftermarket header and CAT and muffler, it would no longer pass, even though its 49 state legal just like OEM would be. Now this makes NO sense to me so I am just trying to confirm this from more sources. Anybody have any idea about this?

My solutions will be to either swap in Cali legal crap every two years and immediately remove it. Or find “a guy” who will pass me as long as the sniffer and OBDII stuff says I’m good.