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Registration and Practicality Questions

So I'm graduating this spring and plan on getting my motorcycle license around the same time. I want to move out of the house by June and could be heading fairly far away for a summer (at least to start) of actuarial training. My problem is I don't want to drive cross country if I'm just going to drive back at the end of the summer. Furthermore, I don't want to change my residency if it's only going to be a few months.

So my questions are:

1. Can I keep my NH license and buy a bike in another state, register, and insure it?


2. Can I survive the summer with just a bike in southern California or elsewhere?

3. Would it make sense to resell a bike after a few months or have it shipped home if I like it?

4. Am I completely insane for not wanting to drive my 08 Golf across the country?


smart fortwo rally car because why the fuck not (photo credit: GIS)

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