So my clutch seems to be slipping a bit under WOT (tach doing it's fun flickering dance in third while the speed climbs)

...the clutch braking when my brakes failed probably didn't help.

Before I take the transmission out to do the job, I've looked around for a clutch online. Easy enough. That led to the "what if" of my flywheel (unknown condition, car has 140k on it, may or may not survive a skim).


I've found a grand total of one flywheel for my engine. Maybe. There's conflicting information about what diameter I need...

So! If my flywheel is knackered and my luck in the aftermarket doesn't improve, I have access to a machine shop. how hard would it be to turn one out myself? Probably steel so I don't have to think about heat treating a light Al wheel (as neat as that would be). (working on the logic that if a cast (!) brake disk can turn and have an uneven load put on it at ~1krpm, it shouldn't be so bad to have a make and balance a flywheel to spin at ~5 times that with more consistent conditions in a sealed environment)

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