So here I am at school, in my senior year of college. My schedule isn't too demanding and I have a whole lot of free time.

However, with free time and with entering the real world in a few months, people want to go out and celebrate the last ounces of true freedom prior to retirement. Yes, going to bars is a blast, but it costs a lot of money that I don't have.

So I applied for a job; my old job I had two years ago. At Carmax.

This time, I was applying at a smaller store in Connecticut compared to the behemoth I worked at in Maryland. I am able to do about ~25hrs a week including weekends. All primarily busy night hours, when they want part-timers.

Anywho, I submitted my application - a reference being my old manager at Carmax, who was hoping I'd stay before going back to school. I constantly ranked amongst the top in terms of sales at the Maryland location, and I actually had the highest customer satisfaction rating out of all 30+ salespeople at the MD Store.

Not to toot my own horn, or sound cocky, but I have a very impressive résumé as well.


To be honest, I was expecting this to be a slam-dunk. Based off of being an ex-employee who left on good terms that did rather well, it seemed getting hired wouldn't be too difficult.

About an hour after submitting the ap, I get straight up denied. Not anything hinting at a possibility once space opens up, but a complete rejection.


Would it be wise for me to call HR there and ask exactly why I was rejected, or is that unprofessional? If they can't take me at that location, I wouldn't mind commuting to one slightly further.


That may have been pretty boring. Here's an Rollscalade-Royce for listening.