Rejoice! Off to Florida for one last trip

So despite the season kinda sizzling out for the Hokies, we still landed a solid bowl game. The Camping World Bowl (questionable name) in Orlando vs. Oklahoma State. My brother was able to secure free tickets with parking through his company, so it was a no brainer for me to make the trek. And you know what that means?

The Inflatable (electric) Wonder!!! On what I thought was my last trip of the season I spent 45 minutes riding alongside what seemed like 30 dolphins.

Couldn’t have asked for a better last trip, but with the weather looking like 80s and sunny for the trip I’d be an idiot not to throw the raft in the trunk of the TL for a nice New Years cruise.  


My car is going to leave Virginia looking like this and arrive in Florida only to have a boat pop out of the back. Inflatable stuff is cool and this little dinghy is the best money I’ve ever spent. Also, I want to get 48v and ~50ah worth of Tesla cells to power it since it would be about A tenth of the size and weight of the current SLA setup.

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