Rejoyce! I bring you a new great youtube channel to follow!

A young Italian by the name of Davide Circoni has a great channel, where he tests many interesting European cars. And I mean genuinely interesting, stuff you can rarely see on these automotive channels. It's filmed nicely, the locations are lovely and the music can be good as well. And he's clearly passionate about cars, is a good presenter and does great reviews.

Here's one of an Alfa 75 Turbo Evo.

And don't forget to turn the subtitles on!

A comparison between a tuned Renault 5 GT Turbo and a Fiat Uno Turbo

A crazy fast tuned Cossie

And also some classics like the Giulietta spider

And the Alfetta

I've just found out about this, and am still discovering all his videos.

I encourage you to give it a shot as well.

It's in Italian, but you get subtitles so that's not really an issue. At least to me it's normal. As far as I understand Americans don't really watch that many films in foreign languages, yes?


It's worth checking it out, though. I hope this reaches the front page so we can get some views for this guy. I'll repost this tomorrow.

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