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Reliable or durable (or maybe both): Land Cruiser

The great debate rages on. Mere days after committing to the Tacoma, my wife once again brings up kicking it to the curb. I’m not against it, but my potential payment-free replacement would be either an 80 or 100 series Cruiser. Why? No good reason, and plenty of other vehicles would work for me. My want is irrational, I get that.

I hear about how awesomely capable Cruisers are, but are they reliable, durable, or both? What kind of annual normal maintenance cost might I be getting myself into? (Yes, I realize that varies depending on condition, previous owner’s diligence, etc) Primarily, it’ll sit in the driveway, I’ll tinker with it for fun, probably take it on a trail or two, and that’s about it. Once winter hits, it’ll be the hockey transportation vehicle, too.

Or what other not-as-common-but-reliable vehicle can you come up with? Tundra/Sequoias are also on the list, still. If it’s going to happen, it’ll be this month, as the tags are up on the truck. Once they’re renewed, I’m keeping it for at least another year. Boring picture of my Cougar for your time.


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