Well It’s back under a third party developer.

Yes the website does seem a bit shady, but i tried it. It’s legit. Currently it has playable online and offline, I haven’t tried the online so I don’t know how good it is but the offline is decent. The cool part about the offline mode is that since you’re running your own server you can change every aspect from the amount of money you have to the XP multiplier you get from completing an event.

that beautiful mid 2000's skyline


Keep in mine though it’s still an early release so expect some broken stuff and weird bugs, nothing I’ve encountered has been game breaking though. By far though the best aspect of it is that the developers aren’t worried about making money off of it so there’s no gimmicky bullshit currency. It’s just a nice classic need for speed brought back to life.

DISCLAIMER: Since this is a private server using EA assets there’s nothing stopping EA from sticking a size 15 combat boot up the dev’s asses telling them to C&D. So this may not be around forever.