Well, my boss is gone this week (more on that below), so I think the bathroom will be out of order this week.

First off, I don’t want customers walking through the shop. And I really don’t want to have to clean up after them. I stopped cleaning up after my boss and just used the bathroom next door. I was and am tired of having to clean up after him.

In other news, my boss decided to take the week off. He didn’t give me any warning. Nor did he give me any instructions. But, that’s fine. When there’s a problem he can deal it with when he gets back. I don’t care if this shop seems like it’s run by an idiot because it is.

And because he’s gone, and I won’t be doing two cars at once I’ve parked my car in the other bay and I’ll be charging my car during the day.


And with my boss gone I won’t be taking any shit from customers. If someone starts yelling at me I’ll politely tell them to get the fuck out of my face. And when they refuse I’ll call the police. I’m done taking shit from people.