Illustration for article titled Remember kids, always check your W220s cowl drain after any inclement weather.

Yea, it doesn’t look like a lot of snow until you consider the fact that the back “wall” has a space behind it which receives water from the area below the windshield. What you see up front is just the collection area from the cowl vents at the top of the hood. And it was all packed solid with snow. Sticky North Carolina snow that likes to clog Reed Valves in poor unsuspecting S-Classes.


Tavarish wrote an article about what the implications of such an occurrence are. They are, in summary, not good. Pays to be paranoid about such things.


On a side note, I wish I had indoor parking for my S600. And a winter beater...

On a side side note, though incredibly hard to get moving from a standstill on ice, once the lady got moving she tackled some pretty unforgiving and icy terrain on the way out to the highway last night. These surprisingly good winter driving dynamics are brought to you by the Continental ExtremeContact DWS (A tire I cannot afford but the previous owner could), my transmission’s comfort mode starting the car out in 2nd gear, and damn near 3 tons of German engineering and steel pushing down on all four hydraulically-lifted-a-couple-of-inches-from-standard-ride-height-because-ABC-can-do-that corners. I would also like to take this moment to tell my traction control that it is garbage and useless and if it fails I shan’t miss it at all!

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