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Remember my Jetta?

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A quick timeline:

April (ish) 2019: I pulled it inoperable but running out of a guy’s yard in Indiana.


Late April, early May: I have it running and driving. It essentially acts as my daily until...

July: I realize “holy crap, this thing is a rusty pile of shit and an absolute death trap”. I list it and stop driving it.


August: it sells! The same day I bought my Cabriolet, as well.

October: the new owner has put paint on it (with a roller) and put something resembling an exhaust on it. I join a local euro car group and watch him roll the fenders with a jack handle in a parking lot. It now looks like this:

Illustration for article titled Remember my Jetta?

Yes, it is slammed on ebay coilovers. As it should be.

The new owner probably came to the same conclusion as me and listed it.

November: well would you look at that. The fourth owner in seven months has now listed it... for two grand.


However... I’ve now found myself desiring a Mk3 Jetta. Four wheel disc brake cars are kind of hard to find, so... it might be time to make use of my intimate knowledge of this car and drop a fat lowball on it.

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