A couple months ago when I posted that this i8 Roadster had recently appeared in my enthusiastically BMW-obsessed neighbor’s driveway, several of you suggested that the New Jersey plates on a car here in Maryland meant it was something to do with BMW NA headquarters in NJ. That theory might be correct.

At the time, said neighbor’s other car was a 340i. I remembered that it had no front plate, but a front plate bracket installed, and a southern state’s plates on it that I couldn’t remember. Turns out, it was a Georgia distributor plate. Also, he now has a 430i GC with the exact same plate situation.

I haven’t had a chance to chat with him about the i8, but it’s not here every day. There is a large BMW dealer right up the road from us. As in, within walking distance. So, at least according to the license plates, he probably has something to do with that dealership.

Now I’ll just have to find an excuse to casually bump into him to talk about BMWs again.