Some of you may remember me asking about replacing a hard drive and then what to do with the old one. So what does this have to do with a first aid kit?

Well, I just got around to it last night and disassembled it and got to the amazingly shiny disks. I decided to basically just wing it and try to smash it with the edge of a counter and a coffee mug, the closest heavy object, and it didn’t break. So I’m playing with it bending it (it was flexing a bit, I’ll get to my theory later) when it just snaps!

It didn’t injury me, but there were two shiny disks. So I was a dumbass and decided I would just manhandle the second one. (IIRC in the last post of this topic. Someone specifically told me to careful with this shit. You were 1,000% right sir/ma’am) Well this disk turned out to not be nearly as flexible and giving me a pretty good cut on my thumb. When I felt it cut me it felt like a paper cut, but when I looked down there was HOLY SHIT IS MY THUMB STILL ATTACHED!? Amounts of blood.

Long story short is really wasn’t that bad. Although it did make my kitchen and bathroom look like a murder scene. However, it certainly did require more medical stuff than just the band-aids in my medicine cabinet. To stop the bleeding I wound up having to make an improvised pressure dressing with a wadded up piece of paper towel and a band-aid, and apply manual pressure for at least 20 min to get it to stop. Not fun.

Moral of the story: You never know when you’ll need more than a band-aid. I’d been working with power tools most of the week and wound up fucking myself up on a piece of computer, go figure. So go buy a first-aid kit now before you forget!


Also my theory about the first disk flexing more. Is that maybe it suffered some kind of heat damage, perhaps causing the HHD to fail in the first place and, making it more flexible than the second disk. But I don’t really know, just a theory.