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Remember That Interview?

I GOT THE JOB!!! Yay, Bman76 is going to be employed! And, to top things off, I stayed at my “cool” aunt and uncle’s house. How cool? (Pic after the jump)

Immaculate E46 M3 cool:

Seriously, it is E46 perfection

There’s a BMW touring bike of the R or K (not sure which) variety under that cover in the background.

Other cars he’s owned:

5th gen Camaro

4th gen TA

Two different IROC-Zs


E60 M5

9th gen Honda Accord (Aunt’s car)

An S10 (His DD)

Jeep Commander

Assorted other 2nd and 3rd gen F-bodies

Dirty bird is jealous of that sweet BMW I6 goodness

I also saw this 996 GT3 on the way back:


I also saw my first Tesla Model X and holy crap it’s so much uglier in person. I always thought people who were criticizing them after seeing them were just being hyperbolic. The proportions are completely off, it is really that bad.

But, anyway, I’ve got to move to Wichita next week because:


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