Remember that Volvo I posted about? The one I was going to pickup from Ohio? Owner has not responded. They either sold it and didn’t update their forum post, or just gave up on Swedespeed. Guess it’s time to look at other options.

Here’s an absolute beauty that my brain knows is no good, but my heart lusts after. Yeah, it’s got a reconstructed title, needs it’s fancy suspension replaced, cracked downpipe, terrible grammer in the ad, etc. Buuuuut..... Sonic blue/Atacama!!! True unicorn status. And I believe 06 was the first year where the autobox didn’t limit torque in 1st and 2nd.


Here’s an auto wagon at a crazy cheap price for the condition. I’m not apposed to an auto, part of me would prefer one, it’s just... Well. I’m scared of the added maintainance costs an auto adds on a vehicle like this.

Here’s a first gen V70r, that needs a bit of work but looks quite clean and is priced right. Probably at the top of my list right now, if only because I can afford it immediately and it’s local.


And in Colorado, we find a rare Sapphire black with atacama interior, manual wagon. Priced incredibly low, but in good condition with service records and extra parts. This one is quite appealing. I’d probably wrap it Nardo Grey at some point...


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