Well here's another bathroom exercise to ponder.

Whether or not you sit or stand to wipe after going number two, how many of you (guys) stand reverse at the toilet to urinate?



Well I'll tell you what, I just did. And you know what, it's kinda relaxing. You can rest your buttocks on the edge of the seat, or tank (if you have a massive old loo), and if you're like me and at work, you have an elongated bowl so you don't to aim as far downward as you think. PLUS, if you're using a stall (or fuck, I dunno, try it at a urinal!) your back isn't to the door, so no one can sneak up on you and surprise buttzeks you. 9 out of 10 anal intrusions happen in the restroom, or so I've been told to say for this statistic I made up for this story which is mostly accurate.


Plus, I saw a spider in there this morning. That fucker would have a hard time leaping off the wall and onto my paenis if my head were in the way. (I forgot to piss reverse)

So give it a try, amaze your friends, start a new trend, tell 'em Takuro sent you!