The Saturn Sky/Pontiac Solstice platform that died after a few years and used a manual transmission out of a truck? GM should dust it off and see what they can do with it now that the have components at their disposal that could make it legitimately worth a damn.

Namely I think it should use a proper 6-speed manual/auto, and instead of having two levels of motor, have one that sits smack between the old ones. The 200hp/206tq 1.6T that is used in nothing in the US except the Buick Cascada would be perfect imo.

Slap a Bowtie and a dual port grille on it and put on Chevy showroom floors. Bam, roadster besides a Mazda and an Italian Mazda for sale.


You all can blame Transformers being on TV with it’s sweet modded Solstice and me standing on front of a Solstice all day at college for these terrible ideas.