And apparently they run around Dubai or whatever Middle Eastern country I’m assuming this is. These pics were taking from a Youtube video that was uploaded a month ago. I would post a link of the video, but I’m sure Kia is going to have it taken down soon.

The front end is ok. Not as handsome as the concept was:

They did actually keep the rear end from the concept though:


And the side profile, some people say they see a mix of everything from Bentayga, to Pilot or Traverse:


The interior was being described as being similar to the K900, which is sort of a high bar. But then I did some digging and came across another video of someone doing a walk around of a prototype with offroad goodies on it and got a good interior shot of the dash:

Looks handsome. Almost Genesis like. Not digging that wheel though. Hopefully it was just for this car. I expect this thing to debut in a few weeks in LA or the beginning of the year in Detroit. No word or anything on engines but I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing gets either a naturally aspirated V6 and the twin turbo V6 seeing duty in the G70 and Stinger, or the twin turbo V6 and optional V8 from the G80 and G90. No word on pricing yet either. What do you guys think?