I made some new friends tonight. We’re all enjoying a track day tomorrow. (We had a great dinner together tonight as well.) While we have our eyes on “world domination” tomorrow there are a couple McLarens, a GT3 RS and a Corvette in our hotel lot who might have ... other, even louder, shoutier opinions in the morning and at the track.

The STi’s in the pic are mostly tuned beyond belief with extra jerry cans of cheap E85, ready for the track ... and my BMW at front is low on oil (my required special order 10w-60 oil is made from children’s tears mixed with unicorns).... and priced as such). My car computer lost its shit already from leaving a OBDII dongle plugged in which draws nearly nothing but ... herr car says electrical discharge is verboten and town law is strictly enforced.


I’ve got a good chance at a fast lap time tomorrow. I just need a little help ... from Japan.

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