How pricey you ask? Try $6500. Yes six thousand five hundred dollars. For that price you get:

  • Unique Track-inspired Springs and Sway Bar
  • Unique Rear Spoiler• Unique Track-inspired Chassis, Stability Control, EPAS, and ABS Tuning
  • Strut Tower Brace• TORSEN® Differential with 3.73 Axle Ratio
  • Large Radiator• MagneRide® Damping System with Track Inspired Calibration
  • High Performance Front Splitter• K-Brace
  • “Engine Spun” Aluminum Instrument Panel• Gauge Pack (Vacuum and Oil Pressure)
  • 305/30/R19 Michelin® Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires (Summer Only)• Brembo™ Six Piston Front Brake Calipers w/Larger Rotors
  • 9-inch x 10.5-inch (F) / 19-inch x 11-inch (R) Dark Tarnish Stainless-painted Aluminum Wheels

That means a loaded GT Premium with everything from Recaro, MagnaRide suspension, active exhaust etc wil be nearly 53 grand. Adding it also requires Package 401A for a total price change of $8700. That means just adding the Level 2 Package to a no optioned GT (non premium) changes the price from $36 grand to $45,500. Let me reiterate that: that’s for a base GT with no other options than the Level 2 package and 401A. Try like hell to bring the price down at the dealer or get incentives.

Oh and you can only get this package on GT Fastbacks, no convertibles or Ecoboost Fastback or Convertible.