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Remember the Shelby inspired Chevrolet Cheetah?

BaT just stumbled upon another creation born under similar circumstances.

The concept for the Griffith Series 200 originated during a dinner with Carroll Shelby, where Griffith declared he could build a car that could outperform an AC Cobra.

Griffith first attempt was to put the Ford V8 engine from Mark Donohue's AC Cobra into a TVR Grantua. (...) In an effort to get the engine and gearbox to fit, some chassis triangulation was removed compared to that of the Grantura Mk 3, and various parts of the chassis were simply hammered until the drivetrain fitted. The brakes were not upgraded either, although slightly wider 185 section tyres were added.


Most car built under the concept of "function over fashion" usually still kept some form of mechanical beauty. For some unknown reason, that doesn't applied to the Cobra rivals.


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