If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Remember the tale of my 16 year old nephew and his X2?

The one that he crashed on the way home from the dealership before he even got his license? Yeah, he still doesn’t have it back yet; the accident was in January. Well, as part of the repairs the ENTIRE ENGINE was replaced, but now it smokes like a chimney. The body shop says it’s BMW’s problem, and the BMW says it’s the body shop’s problem. So, no car, at least no BMW. Instead he’s driving a rental. A rental? At age 16? Seriously? Is that even allowed? C’mon - buy the kid a $1,500 beater and make him work to buy something better, or at least to pay his insurance bill which now has to be outrageous.

Yeah, no - none of that will happen...


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