Maybe it’s not very good. It’s not fast or spacious, it can’t off-road. But I don’t want to hear it.

In an era where BMW is smearing their shittest, blandest SUV with roundels and everything is sold based on marketing words like “active” and “sports” and “coupe” which have no relation to the actual vehicle whatsoever, mean nothing at all.


This comes across as an honest attempt to deliver a vehicle that was unique, and that they thought some people would want. Not the next featureless blob cashing in on as many misguided trends from as many misinformed consumers as possible.

The idea of a small, soft, impractical, “fun” SUV coupe thing has aged as badly as the t-tops, but I respect where the decision came from. More than I respect the latest overstyled Camry.

I hate this era, my hatred grows with each day. Maybe I’ve got bias and rose tinted glasses, but I think the X90 was from a simpler time, a more honest time.


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