so, i was browsing Kinja today, and i somehow got away from oppo and Jalopnick and ended up on Gawker or another part.

and i'm looking at the comments (it was on one of the snow-storm posts) and i keeping seeing idiots saying "oh, we couldn't drive in 1/2 inch snow because its dangerous yada yada yada"
or even better: "I dont know why i crashed, my AWD suburban on 24's must have broken or something

Or the best one: "I was crawling along one day, trying to get home, and I hydroplaned ...."

yea buddy, you are definitely going to hydroplane when you are 'crawling'

so I was getting ready to rant on these guys when i noticed i wasn't on oppo or Jalop.

so, I realized this must be where the soccer moms are hanging out.

TL;DR: Make sure you are on the right website before you start to assume people are idiots

Enjoy some pics for reading this