America’s cup racing crossed that line. That’s a hydrofoil system. It’s not a yacht and it’s a catamaran-ish design but it’s not on hulls so it’s just a foil boat? Yeah. I’m gonna call it a foil boat. And sails? Nope. They’rbasicly hinged aircraft wings. Yeah. So let’s go race a carbon hinged-wing-foil-boat.

They sail at 3x the wind speed and make course turns at 60knots. So what’s it like to race these things? Well if you saw the America’s cup last year you know, but here’s a sample of how much faster and how much more dangerous they are.

After a crash resulted in a death, there’s talk of design limits. These are truly introducing new limits to the sailors physical abilities. Any incident brings much greater decelerations and forces bodies flying. Either way it’s now suddenly exciting racing.