Remember When iReveals Were Actually Interesting?

Now thanks to the pasta strainer that is China's electronics production industry, everything is telegraphed several months in advance. Yay, confirmation of what I already heard about a 1000 years ago. I guess.

It's not entirely China's fault though. Back when Steve Jobs didn't have a shitty movie made about him, SoC technology was nascent. It was a big deal for anything you could hold in the palm of your hand to have a GPU at all, and each jump in Mhz improved performance by leaps and bounds. Now, we're well past the point of diminishing returns, and more cores, faster GPUs, and more RAM by themselves are unable to fix the still persistent short comings associated with mobile software.


The potential for a handheld device to displace all the other computing devices in your life has yet to be realized. Instead of more unity and commonality, our computing solutions are becoming more divergent and fragmented. Every smartphone from here on out is going to be an increment of the one that came before, barring some kind of disruptive technological change.

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